commissions! ♡

if you're interested, please contact me through:
@mwochaaa on twitter
slot 1 - n/a
slot 2 - n/a

twitch panels/emotes/badges etc.

twitch panels/discord stickers | $50 each

twitch emotes | 1 for $30 | 3 for $80 | 6 for $160
animated twitch emotes | 1 for $50

twitch/youtube sub/bit badges | 6 for $160 (includes tier 2 and 3 flairs)
channel point icons | 1 for $30

character illustrations (theses are a bit outdated…)

bust shot | $100

half body | $150

full body | $220

pixel art

bust shot | $70 (+ $10 for every SIMPLE extra frame)

(not available) animations

simplistic (less than 10 frames OR one rig, no background) | $100

complex (more than 10 frames OR multiple rigs, w/ background) | $250+

(not available) atmospheric illustrations

very dependent on the content | ranges from minimum $300+

(NOT AVAILABLE) live2d models

full illustration and rigging bundle | ranges from minimum $1500+
(price is very dependent on design, detail and style)

terms of service

  • my commission are for non-commercial/personal purposes only! you are not allowed to reprint/sell the finished commission. the ONLY exception is using it for streams and videos.

  • for commercial use (reprinting, reselling, creating a product, etc.) please contact me.

  • all commissions are non-refundable under any circumstances, unless the commission has not been started at all during the agreed deadlines.

  • payment first before proceeding half-half payments are available for commissions above $300.

  • payments will be made in Paypal in CAD or USD here:

  • i am allowed to use the finished commission for portfolio purposes.

  • i have right to decline a commission depending on the situation; depending on the content, my comforts and my skill, i may refuse.

  • price may rise depending on the illustrations details! this includes detailed backgrounds, character design, etc. i'll make this clear if it applies to you before payment process.

  • eta = 1 months to 7 months depending on the size of project (i am a college student who streams in her free time as well, so please be patient!)